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See how much you can save with a Guardian Dental PPO.

When using one of our many network dentists or using your own, you’ll save on everything from a cleaning to a root canal.

Cost without Dental Insurance
$62 - $116
Estimated Savings with Guardian Dental Network*
*Source for cost of root canal/crown: 2019 Guardian Reporting: this estimated saving with Guardian is based on using an in-network provider and may differ based on location and dentist. Savings are split between Guardian and the member based on insurance.

Purchasing a Guardian Dental Plan on the Marketplace

We want to help you find the right Guardian Dental Plan to fit your budget and meet your needs. Get started with three easy steps:

Ready to enroll?

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Choose your plan

You’ll need to select a health plan before you can choose your Guardian Dental plan. In ID, MN, NJ, PA, and VA a medical plan election is not required to purchase a Guardian Dental plan.

Make your payment

Once your application and selection are complete, you’ll have two payment options:
- Pay Now
- Make a payment upon receipt of initial payment letter.