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How does my PPO plan work?

A PPO plan allows you to visit any licensed dentist to receive your dental care. You do not need to select a primary care dentist and you do not need a referral to see other providers. If you receive care from a dentist that participates in our network, you may be reimbursed at a higher level than if you received care from a dentist that does not participate. Additionally, dentists participating in our network charge discounted fees, for increased savings. So the best way to save money is by visiting a dentists that participates in our network!

If you visit a dentist that participates in our network, there are no claims to file, the dentist will submit the claim on your behalf and there is no need for referrals before visiting specialist. We have an easy to use tool to help you find a dentist. You can start by following the easy steps to search for a participating provider in your area and remember each member of your family may select their own dentist. Click here to find a Provider and select PPO.